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VI Peel

VI Peel is a fast, safe, and virtually painless treatment that can provide improvement with a number of skin concerns, such as acne, acne scarring, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and more. It uses a unique combination of ingredients to maximize results, including Trichloroacetic acid (TCA), Retinoic acid (Vitamin A), Salicylic acid, Phenol, L-Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), and it also has customizable boosters that can be added according to the needs of the skin. This is a peel that can performed not only on the face, but on the neck, chest, and back as well.

How is a VI Peel performed?

After cleansing the skin with a double-cleanse protocol, the patient’s skin is wiped thoroughly with a pre-treatment towelette to remove any remaining dirt and oils off the surface of the skin to ensure the skin can receive maximum benefits of the treatment. The solution is applied with a gauze over the entire area being treated. Multiple layers of the solution are applied until the all the solution has been used. The patient leaves with the solution still on the skin, and then must follow the provided at home post-treatment instruction.

Is a VI Peel painful?

Like most chemical peels, once applied the patient will experience a mild, burning, itchy, tingling sensation. What sets the VI Peel apart from most peels is the fact that there is an anesthetic property to this peel. So, a few moments after application of the peel, the entire area being treated will experiencing a mild numbing sensation, making the rest of the treatment a virtually painless process.

How many treatments will I need?

While results may be noticeable after just one treatment, a series of 3 – 6 treatments is typically recommended to maximize results.

Can I have a VI Peel if I am pregnant?

Studies regarding the chemicals used in the process haven’t been proven to be safe for babies, so it is not a treatment that we recommend undergoing while pregnant.

Are there other contraindications to a VI Peel?

With any treatment or procedure, it is best to disclose a full medical history to the provider or practitioner performing the treatment. There are some sensitivities and medical conditions which may make someone a poor candidate for this treatment.

Is a VI Peel safe for all skin types and colors?

Yes! VI Peel has been tested and proven safe for use on all skin types (Fitzpatrick types I-VI),

Who is a good candidate for a VI Peel?

VI Peel is a great option for anyone who is struggling with UV Induced Pigmentation, Sun Damage, Melasma, and Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

Is VI Peel Safe?

When performed by a trusted provider, VI Peel is an extremely safe and effective way to treat skin concerns.

What is the downtime with a VI Peel?

Usually beginning 24-48 hours after receiving the treatment, the skin peeling process will begin. This peeling process will be most severe 48-72 hours post-treatment. Mild peeling and flaking will continue for up to 5 days after treatment. It is recommended that you avoid activity that causes sweating for 72 hours after receiving a VI Peel, and limit sun exposure for 2 weeks after treatment.

What can I expect after a VI Peel?

Results from the VI Peel include improvement in the tone and texture of the skin, as well as improvement of the appearance of sun damage and areas of hyperpigmentation. Those receiving the VI Peel should take extra precautions with sun protection, because the skin will be more sensitive for at least 2 weeks after receiving a VI Peel.

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How can I set up a VI Peel Consultation?

Call or text Texas Facial Aesthetics at 469-362-6975 to set up a consultation with either Dr. Matthew Richardson or Dr. Jordan Cain. You can also email us at info@txfaces.com for more information.

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