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What is a non-surgical nose job?

With the evolution and improvement of different injectable fillers on the market today, non-surgical nose jobs (also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, liquid rhinoplasty, liquid nose job, nose filler, and other names) continue to grow in popularity. In this procedure, injectable products are used to alter the shape of the nose in order to make cosmetic changes. This procedure is generally NOT designed to improve nasal breathing, but is a temporary alternative to surgical rhinoplasty for some patients.

In a non-surgical nose job, injectable fillers (and occasionally neuromodulators like Botox) are used to change the shape of the nose and improve overall facial harmony and aesthetics. In most cases, hyaluronic-acid based fillers (like those in the Juvederm or Restylane families) are used to change the appearance of the nose and camouflage certain areas.

Non Surgical nose job Before and After Performed by Matthew A. Richardson, MD

How is a non-surgical nose job performed?

Non-surgical nose jobs are performed by injecting filler and/or neuromodulators like Botox into the nose and possibly the tissues around the nose. In our practice, we typically use numbing creams to help patients feel more comfortable during the procedure. There is some mild discomfort with any facial injection, but it is usually very minor. The procedure itself often only takes about 10-15 minutes, and many patients feel comfortable returning to work or school immediately after the procedure. 

Who is a good candidate for a non-surgical nose job?

Patients with a bump or hump on the bridge of the nose, poor nasal definition (like a broad, wide, or flat nose), or patients with asymmetry of the nose are the best candidates for a non-surgical nose job. Patients with a droopy nasal tip may also be good candidates as injectable fillers. In some cases, Botox may be used in combination with fillers to help lift the nasal tip. In some cases, the nasal tip does not actually rotate up, but we are able to give the appearance of bringing the tip up through our expertise and injection techniques.

How much does a non-surgical nose job cost?

Non-surgical nose job costs will vary from one patient, injector, and market to another. In some cases, patients will need very minor changes that can be performed with one syringe or less of filler, while others will need more than one syringe of product and the addition of some Botox or other neuromodulator. In our practice, we charge a flat fee for a non-surgical nose job and use the proper amount of filler that is needed to achieve the desired results for that individual patient. In general, non-surgical nose jobs are less expensive than rhinoplasty surgery, but the results are not permanent and the procedure will need to be repeated over the years to maintain the treatment results.

How long does a non-surgical nose job last?

The duration of a non-surgical nose job depends on which product is used and what is performed. Injectable fillers around the nose can last 12-18 months or longer, depending on which product is used. Botox effects typically last 3-4 months in most patients, but even if used, this is a minor component of any non-surgical nose job. Over time, the body will break down the filler and the results will slowly go away. If patients are happy with the results, the treatment can always be repeated when the patient is ready. We let patients decide when they are ready to repeat the procedure. Patients who are only interested in permanent changes to the nose should consider rhinoplasty surgery.

What fillers are used for a non-surgical nose job?

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a filler for a non-surgical nose job. Some injectors will use permanent or semi-permanent fillers like silicone, Artefill, or Bellafill. We do not use these products due to the unique risks involved and the inability to reverse or remove these products easily.

We typically use hyaluronic acid-based products like Vollure, Voluma, Juvederm, or Restylane. These products are moldable, long-lasting, and reversible. They also provide natural-appearing results with fewer risks.

What are the risks of a liquid rhinoplasty?

Every procedure has risks, including non-surgical procedures. Fillers have the risk of occlusion of a blood vessel that could cause problems such as skin injury or eye injury (including vision loss). These are very rare events but can occur. We use techniques and products designed to minimize these rare risks.

More common things that can happen include mild bruising, swelling, and soreness. Infection is also a rare risk with any filler injections, but we prep the skin thoroughly to minimize this risk.

Who is qualified to perform a non-surgical nose job?

There are many skilled injectors out there, but non-surgical nose jobs require knowledge, skill, artistry, and expertise in order to achieve elegant and natural-appearing results in a safe manner. The nasal anatomy is quite complex, and as these injections are performed around the nose and eyes, we always recommend seeing an expert physician injector who is also a rhinoplasty surgeon.

As facial plastic surgeons who specialize in facial aesthetic procedures, non-surgical nose jobs, and rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Richardson and Dr. Cain are experts at performing these procedures and can discuss all of the details of the procedure with you during your consultation. We perform non-surgical nose job procedures many times every week and can discuss the options, procedure limitations, and your goals with you in great detail during your consultation.

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Can I have rhinoplasty surgery after a non-surgical nose job? Can I have a non-surgical rhinoplasty after a surgical rhinoplasty?

The answer to both questions, in most cases, is YES! That being said, we do not recommend getting filler in the nose if a rhinoplasty surgery is planned within the next few months as this could make surgery more difficult or lead to less than ideal surgical results. We also do not recommend using anything other than hyaluronic-acid fillers.

In the post-surgical patient, scar tissue within the nose does increase the risk of complications related to filler injections in the nose. Also, only certain types of asymmetries and post-surgical issues can be corrected with filler, and not every post-rhinoplasty patient will be a good candidate for a non-surgical nose job.

“Outstanding and amazing!”

“I Had an Amazing Experience with Dr Cain. Dr. Cain was so kind and welcoming and his staff was knowledgeable and caring. He walked me through the entire process and executed everything perfectly. His work is outstanding and amazing! Highly recommend him for non-surgical nose jobs. I could not be happier with the results.”

What are the alternatives to a liquid rhinoplasty?

For most patients, the best alternative to a liquid rhinoplasty is a surgical rhinoplasty. Some patients may not be good candidates for a non-surgical rhinoplasty, while others might not be a good candidate for surgery.

Keep in mind that a liquid rhinoplasty and surgical rhinoplasty are two different procedures. With a liquid rhinoplasty, we are able to change the shape of the nose through augmentation of certain areas of the nose. We are not able to change the shape of the underlying bone and cartilage with the non-surgical nose job, so we are technically making the nose larger when we change the shape with filler. That being said, the nasal shape often looks much better after a non-surgical rhinoplasty, and the nose might even look a bit smaller or less noticeable without actually being any smaller at all.

With a surgical rhinoplasty procedure, we are able to change the shape of the bone and cartilage framework of the nose in order to reduce the nasal size and make permanent changes.

How can I set up a non-surgical nose job Consultation?

Call or text Texas Facial Aesthetics at 469-362-6975 to set up a consultation with either Dr. Matthew Richardson or Dr. Jordan Cain. You can also email us at info@txfaces.com for more information.

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