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What is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation is most commonly performed through the placement of a chin implant, which is available in various shapes and sizes to custom tailor the result for each patient. A chin implant allows us to change the size of the chin in three dimensions to bring it into better balance with other facial features. Many different types of chin implants are available, and we use silicone implants that are safe and have high patient satisfaction rates. Once in place, these implants look and feel like the patient’s natural chin bone. The advantage of using a chin implant is that the result is very predictable, reliable, and permanent.

Another option for this operation is through the use of injectable facial fillers (sometimes referred to as liquid chin implants or liquid chin augmentation). This is a minimally-invasive procedure that can be performed quickly and easily in the office. The advantage of this procedure is that it is very well-tolerated, has immediate and gratifying results, and is easily reversible. These injectable fillers provide a result that typically lasts 1-2 years.

Chin Augmentation Before and After Performed by Jordan A. Cain, MD

What can I expect after chin augmentation surgery? What is the downtime and recovery after a chin augmentation procedure?

After surgery, you will usually have a dressing that will stay in place for 1-3 days to reduce swelling and other possible complications. If you have another procedure at the same time, such as a facelift or liposuction under the chin, you may be required to wear a facial sling for a few more days after that. Bruising and swelling are the most common effects that you may notice after your surgery, and these typically resolve within the first 7-10 days after surgery. Some swelling may persist longer than this, but a majority of the swelling would be expected to improve within the first week. You will be given a prescription antibiotic to help prevent infection, and most patients are also given a short course of oral steroids to help minimize swelling. We ask that you avoid strenuous activity such as running or heavy lifting for the first two weeks after surgery.

Chin Augmentation Before and After Performed by Jordan A. Cain, MD ()

Dr. Richardson and Dr. Cain are experts at chin augmentation and can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each technique with you during your consultation.

How is chin augmentation surgery performed? What happens during a chin augmentation procedure?

While these implants can be placed through an incision made in the mouth, Dr. Richardson and Dr. Cain typically perform the procedure through a small incision under the chin that hides in a natural skin crease. This minimizes risks such as infection or nerve injury that can come with placing the implant from an incision inside the mouth. A small pocket is created along the bony portion of the chin, and the implant is carefully placed in the appropriate position to augment the shape of the chin. If necessary, the implant can be sculpted to give the best result for each patient. The skin and soft tissue are then closed over the implant, and a compression dressing is applied to help prevent any complications such as fluid collection after surgery. The procedure typically takes less than an hour and is performed on an outpatient basis.

Is chin augmentation painful?

This surgery is not typically painful. Generally, this procedure is performed with the patient under an IV sedation so that they remain comfortable throughout the case. Local anesthesia is also injected during the case which helps prevent any pain during and immediately after the surgery. Most patients do not require much pain medication after the surgery.

What are the contraindications to chin augmentation surgery?

As with most elective facial surgery procedures, patients who have significant heart, lung, or kidney problems may not be a good candidate for chin augmentation surgery. Those who have a history of immune system deficiencies, poor wound healing, or excess scar tissue formation may also not be ideal candidates for surgery. We may ask you to see a primary care physician before surgery to make sure that your health allows you to undergo surgery without any increased risk of complications. A chin implant is also only intended to change the external appearance of the chin and does not advance or expand the jaw to help treat functional issues such as obstructive sleep apnea.

Is chin augmentation safe for all skin types, races, and ethnicities?

Yes, chin augmentation can be safely performed on people with all skin types and ethnic backgrounds.

Can both men and women undergo chin augmentation?

Absolutely! The many available shapes and sizes of chin implants allow us to customize each procedure to an individual patient’s desires, and therefore this is an excellent option for both men and women who are looking to augment the shape of their chin.

Who is qualified to perform chin augmentation surgery?

Chin implants should only be placed by a board-certified surgeon such as a facial plastic surgeon, general plastic surgeon, or oral/maxillofacial surgeon who has particular expertise in facial aesthetics and cosmetic chin augmentation surgery.

Is chin augmentation surgery safe?

Yes, while every surgical procedure is associated with possible risks, in general, these are very minor when a chin implant is placed. Some possible risks with this surgery include movement or displacement of the implant, numbness of the chin and/or lower lip due to nerve injury, bruising, prolonged swelling, and infection. If an infection develops after the implant has been placed, this may require the removal of the implant. We take many precautions before, during, and after your surgery to provide effective results while minimizing the chance of complications.

How long does chin augmentation last? Is chin augmentation surgery permanent?

The silicone chin implants that we use provide a permanent result. If you elect instead to undergo chin augmentation with an injectable filler, the results typically last at least 1-2 years.

Will I look different after chin augmentation?

The goal of chin augmentation is to provide better balance to your facial features. You should look different in the sense that there is improved harmony between facial characteristics, but our goal is to always provide a natural result that creates the best version of yourself, rather than making you look like someone else.

How much does chin augmentation surgery cost?

The cost of chin augmentation can vary widely between surgeons due to differences in techniques, implants used, and geographic market. The price of your surgery not only includes the surgeon’s fee, but also has to cover materials, facility fees, staffing, and anesthesia costs. In general, chin augmentation surgery with placement of a chin implant will cost around $4500-7500. If additional procedures are performed at the same time, such as neck liposuction, facelift, buccal fat reduction, etc, additional costs will apply. After a consultation with Dr. Cain or Dr. Richardson, you will be provided with a detailed price quote that lists the exact costs for the procedures that are individually recommended for you.

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How can I set up a Chin Augmentation Consultation?

Call or text Texas Facial Aesthetics at 469-362-6975 to set up a consultation with either Dr. Matthew Richardson or Dr. Jordan Cain. You can also email us at info@txfaces.com for more information.

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