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Eyebrow Transplant

Conveniently Located to Serve the Dallas, Fort Worth, Collin, and Denton Counties.

Conveniently Located to Serve the Dallas, Fort Worth, Collin, and Denton Counties.

Conveniently Located to Serve the Dallas, Fort Worth, Collin, and Denton Counties.

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Eyebrow TRansplant Procedure

The eyebrows are an extremely visible part of the face and can represent youth, vitality, and personality. Each eyebrow is unique. We understand that there are many different options to improve the appearance of the eyebrows, including plucking, tweezing, waxing, tattooing, threading, dying, makeup, microblading, and others. The only technique that restores or adds eyebrow hair is an eyebrow transplant procedure. All other techniques are designed to groom the natural hair that is already present or to use a synthetic dye or color to give the appearance of eyebrows without the actual presence of eyebrow hair.

In an eyebrow transplant procedure, hair is taken from somewhere else on the body (most commonly the back of the scalp), and transplanted to the brows. This allows for the patient’s own natural hair to grow in and fill the brows with a very natural appearance and is a permanent solution. This avoids artificial dyes and tattoo techniques that fade over time and eventually look very unnatural. This also avoids the daily upkeep of makeup application techniques.

The hair to be transplanted into the brows is usually harvested in one of two ways. In women who wear their hair long, a strip harvest technique is a great option because it does not require any shaving of the hair, and the sutures will be well-hidden within the hair on the back of the head. In those who would prefer a technique that requires no linear scar, such as men or women who wear their hair very short on the back and sides of the head (or would like the option to do so in the future), the NeoGraft technique is another excellent option and does not require a linear scar. To read more about the NeoGraft technique, CLICK HERE.

Eyebrow transplant is a highly advanced hair restoration technique that should only be performed by skilled hair transplant surgeons. This is not a procedure to be performed by novice plastic surgeons or hair transplant technicians. Dr. Richardson is a fellowship-trained hair restoration surgeon who is an expert in many different types of hair transplantation and hair restoration techniques and can discuss all the nuances of the procedure with you in detail.

All eyebrow transplant procedures are performed in our relaxing, state-of-the-art surgical suite overlooking the water in the heart of Frisco, Texas.

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Call or text Texas Facial Aesthetics at 469-362-6975 to set up a consultation with either Dr. Matthew Richardson or Dr. Jordan Cain. You can also email us at info@txfaces.com for more information.

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