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Rhinoplasty: Your Key to a Better-Looking Nose

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Rhinoplasty changes the shape and appearance of your nose by manipulating the bone, cartilage, and/or soft tissue. It is among the most common cosmetic surgical procedures. It can be aesthetic or functional, and in this blog, we’ll be focusing on aesthetic rhinoplasty.

Aesthetic rhinoplasty adjusts the structure of the nose in order to address a variety of cosmetic concerns. It can change your nose’s angle or size, narrow or widen your nostrils, straighten the bridge, or reshape the tip of your nose.

A candidate for aesthetic rhinoplasty must be old enough that their nasal bones have fully developed and finished growing. It is generally performed as an outpatient procedure and takes between one and two hours to be performed. Local or general anesthesia may be used to help the patient be comfortable and free of any pain during the surgery.

The Rhinoplasty Procedure: What to Expect

The first step in rhinoplasty is the creation of incisions in the nose. These incisions may be placed within the nostrils (called closed rhinoplasty) or outside the nose on the columella (called open rhinoplasty).

Open rhinoplasty is best when a graft needs to be placed in the nose. A graft is made of cartilage or bone harvested from another area of the body, such as the rib or ear. It is used to add support to the nasal architecture.

After the procedure is complete, incisions are closed with the help of surgical sutures. A splint may be placed inside or outside the nose afterwards. When placed outside, this splint will maintain the new shape of the nose. When placed in the nostrils, it will keep the nasal septum stable.

The Rhinoplasty Recovery Process

After your rhinoplasty, you will be monitored in a recovery room for a time. If the rhinoplasty has been a simple procedure, you may be allowed to leave the same day. If not, you may need to stay in the facility for a day or two. It is recommended that you arrange for someone to take care of you the first night you’re back after the surgery.

You will be instructed to leave your splints and dressings in place for at least a week. If your surgeon used absorbable stitches, you won’t need them to be removed. Otherwise, you will need to visit your doctor after a week to have your stitches removed.

Swelling and bruising will be experienced as a result of the surgery. These will resolve over time. Once the swelling has completely resolved, you will be able to see your full results.

Dr. Richardson will instruct you to avoid heavy sun exposure, strenuous activities, vigorous tooth brushing, pulling clothes over your head, wearing eyeglasses, swimming, excessive chewing, and other activities that will put a strain on your nose. Once a few weeks have passed, you may be cleared to resume these activities.

Make sure to follow Dr. Richardson’s directions for a recovery that is as quick and pain-free as possible. The recovery process shouldn’t take more than a few weeks.

Get the New Nose You Deserve

For your rhinoplasty consultation, contact the office of Dr. Matthew Richardson, who has years of experience and is board-certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.