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What Can a Neck Lift Do for You?

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Faces change as we age. Anyone who’s ever looked in the mirror and discovered a new wrinkle that’s popped up overnight, or noticed their laugh or frown lines deepening, or tried in vain to tighten sagging skin on their jawline can tell you that moisturizers and short-term fixes can only do so much. For some concerns, a surgical option can be the best and most effective choice to restore a youthful, natural look.

One of the most common areas where signs of aging appear is the neck. Changes in skin elasticity, placement of fat deposits, and muscle laxity over time can cause everything from slack jowls to vertical neck banding at the throat, called platysmal bands. Any of these can prematurely age a person’s face, making them look tired, older, and heavier, depending on the severity.

People often just decide to live with these problems, afraid of invasive surgeries, or uninformed about what new options are available. But thankfully, there is an answer for the most typical concerns. It all starts with asking the right questions.

First, Find the Right Information

If you’re curious about what a neck lift can do for you, the first step is research.

Often, there tends to be some confusion in prospective patients about the differences between mini-lifts, neck lifts, lower facial lifts, and other terms that generally cover the neck region. Many patients also think that all they need is an injection or some liposuction, when what they really need is tightening of the skin and/or muscle layers under the skin.

Although some surgeons use unique names for the procedures they have developed and promote, if it’s addressing the jaw, neck, and throat area, they all fall under the same umbrella of lower face and neck lifts. Each surgeon has his or her own techniques and approaches. Keeping an open mind and gathering all the information you can will help point you in the right direction. Making a list of the particular spots to be addressed will help the surgeon in your initial consultation.

Second, Ask the Right Questions

Once you’re ready to come in, bring in your research and meet with your surgeon so that your specific facial and neck concerns can be examined. Every face is different, and a good surgeon will know how to adjust their approach to meet your needs. Understanding the causes of aging changes in the neck, jawline, and throat allows your surgeon to create a custom solution for your specific problem, whether that is hanging neck skin, neck laxity, neck bands, jowls, or any other issue.

Don’t be afraid to ask all of your questions. Feeling comfortable with your surgeon is essential. They are going to be working on your face, so trust, clarity, and solid training and experience are paramount. Does your surgeon have photographs and testimonials of others who have had similar procedures? Do they promise wildly fantastic results, or are they thoughtful, careful, and realistic? How well do they answer your questions and address your concerns?

A good surgeon should take the time to explain all of the options to you, so you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each type of procedure, as well as what results can be anticipated from similar clients and procedures. For those concerned about scar placement, healing, and recovery, rest assured that there are many options for many different needs. Scars from neck lifts can be well-hidden around the ears or under the chin so they are not noticeable.

Finally, Follow the Right Post-Surgical Care

An experienced surgeon will know that the surgery itself is only a part of the cosmetic and restorative needs of each individual patient. The results need to meet each patient’s desired expectations, and that includes the healing process as well. Proper aftercare will ensure that any scars heal up smooth and flat.

After the procedure is completed, the face takes time to adjust and heal. A good surgeon will clarify what this process looks like, and what result you can reasonably expect, once the face has begun to return to normal. Now, all that’s left is to admire the results!

If you are considering a neck lift, or wondering about the options available for your specific problem area, contact Dr. Matthew Richardson or Dr. Jordan Cain today to set up your consultation appointment.

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