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Dysport Relaxes Facial Muscles to Smooth Away Age Lines

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When dealing with deep facial wrinkles, you need a treatment that can effectively reduce their appearance without costing you an arm and a leg. One such treatment is Dysport.

Dysport is a form of AbobotulinumtoxinA and is derived from bacteria. The toxin has the capacity to selective inhibit nerve activity, which helps to reduce the appearance of creases and wrinkles.

The Treatment

Dysport is administered in the form of injections. When it is injected into muscles, Dysport will stop nerves from sending signals to the muscles at the injection site. The targeted muscles are relaxed from their previous contracted state, which allows the overlying skin to relax. This process results in the disappearance of fine lines.

Dysport is mostly used in and around the brow area, forehead, and crow’s feet. Those who have lines on the forehead can opt for Dysport treatment to effectively smooth away these aging signs. If you have mild crease lines around the brow area, Dysport is a very effective treatment for the problem. It was first used on the forehead specifically, but you can now use it on various areas on the face and neck to remove lines and creases.

The doctor will first clean the treatment area with alcoholic wipes to reduce infection risks, which are minimal. One treatment consists of multiple small injections with a very tiny needle.

You can start to see the results of your Dysport treatment within several days. The effects of one treatment session can last for 3-4 months on average. The actual results depend on the extent of the wrinkles in the treatment site, and each patient is different with respect to how quickly the results take effect and how long they last.

Why Dysport?

Dysport is composed of small molecules, which makes it possible for it to work faster on the muscles. It can spread on the injection site in a much easier way, which means the treatment can be completed with fewer injections than would have been otherwise needed to cover the wrinkled area.

Dysport has the tendency to spread evenly in the treatment area. It helps to provide a natural look to the face after the treatment takes effect, so the treatment area will not look worked on and will appear smooth and wrinkle-free.

It is a relatively painless and safe procedure. You only need a few injections in one area, which hardly register when administered. Side effects are very rare with Dysport treatment. You can have a bit of bruising or soreness in the injection site, which will disappear soon, and occasionally patients will report a headache for a short period of time after treatment. In some cases, Dysport can actually help to relieve or reduce migraine headaches.

The Dysport treatment sessions require very little time, and you can be on your way home soon after the injections have been given. The recovery time from Dysport treatments is also very short. If you have a bit of swelling, it will go away soon, usually within just a few minutes. You can typically resume your normal routine right after your treatment session, as long as you avoid inverting the head, strenuous exercise, laying face down, or rubbing the treatment areas for the rest of the day.

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