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Hair loss (or hair fall) is one of the most common problems that people complain about. Men and women alike long for a full head of hair. Thinning hair makes one look older than their actual age. There are many different causes for hair loss, fortunately there are also a wide range of treatment options available.

External creams and serums are possibilities, but for a long-lasting and effective solution, hair transplant procedures are available. These options quickly resolve hair loss issues and help hair grow back. One of the most popular hair-transplant procedures available now is NeoGraft.

Why Choose NeoGraft?

This FDA-approved method consists of harvesting follicles and transplanting them in the areas where the hair is thinning. This method is quite popular due to its effectiveness and lack of a linear scar. The results look very natural, and the procedure can be used to address hair fall in both men and women.

  • This method is minimally invasive. It is done using advanced technology that offers precise results.
  • As there are no stitches involved, the amount of discomfort caused is lower than with other methods. This also results in a shorter recovery time after the procedure. Given the lessened downtime requirement, patients can return to most of their normal activities in a few days.
  • With NeoGraft, the natural hair follicles from the patient’s own scalp are extracted and implanted in the balding areas. Because of this, the hair that grows looks natural and is uniform, resembling the rest of the hair on the head.

How Does the Procedure Work?

To start with, the surgeon locates the portions of the head with healthy hair growth. These are the areas where hair density is good. The back of the head is usually chosen for follicle harvesting. From this donor area, the hair follicles are extracted. This process, which is called Follicular Unit Extraction, is performed using an automated and specialized extracting device in the NeoGraft method. This ensures that when the grafts are implanted, the results look uniform as well.

Once the follicular units are extracted, the recipient site – the area where the hair density is thinner – is prepared through the formation of the implant sites. The dimensions and angle of the recipient sites are also determined by Dr. Richardson. The follicular units are then placed in the recipient sites uniformly.

The hairline created during the procedure is maintained to look as close to the natural hairline as possible. There is no linear scarring seen.

Find Out More with a Consultation

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