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Does an Endoscopic Forehead Lift Treat Sagging Eyebrows?

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A forehead lift is a cosmetic procedure specially designed to rejuvenate the upper face. The process lifts and supports sagging eyebrows and helps reduce wrinkles and looseness. Also known as a brow lift, a forehead lift is often conducted in conjunction with a facelift to provide you with a smoother and more youthful-looking face.

Sagging eyebrows come about as a result of the aging process. When the skin tissues of the brow weaken and skin elasticity is lost, natural drooping occurs. This affects the defined shape of the eyebrows, resulting in poor definition.

The Endoscopic Brow Lift

An endoscopic brow lift is a procedure that requires three to five very short incisions behind the hairline. An endoscope – a thin tube with a camera and a light – is inserted through one of the incisions. It is connected to an external monitor. On the monitor, the doctor can view the muscles and other tissues beneath the skin, which allows for precise correction of forehead and brow sagging.

Through the incisions, the doctor can then release attachments that are holding the brow down, which allows the brows to be elevated to a more rejuvenated position. The elevated brows are then held in position with sutures, small implants, or a combination of these products. To finish the procedure, the incisions behind the hairline are all closed with the help of small clips.

Healing After the Endoscopic Forehead Lift

To ensure quality brow-lift results, you will have to undergo a recovery period afterwards. During your recovery period, you will have to ensure that you follow the doctor’s recovery directions.

It is best not to irritate the incisions. Once you are home and recovering, apply cold compresses to relieve the swelling, and take pain medication as prescribed by your doctor. It will be best not to touch the incisions with your bare hands in order to avoid infection.

You may develop swelling that can last several weeks, and you will have to be very careful even after your stitches and/or clips get removed. Ask your doctor about when it will be safe for you to wash your forehead and your hair.

The Results of an Endoscopic Brow Lift

If you follow all the advice of your doctor and exercise careful consideration, your healing period will be as short and comfortable as possible. Initial results can be seen immediately, and once the swelling and bruising has disappeared, you will be able to see the full changes.

Even though an endoscopic brow lift is relatively simple as cosmetic surgeries go, there is never any guarantee of success. To preserve your results, eat right, exercise to maintain tautness, and keep away from heavy sun exposure to reduce damage caused by heat and UV rays.

Find Out More About the Endoscopic Forehead Lift

Dr. Matthew Richardson and Dr. Jordan Cain are fellowship-trained experts in facial aesthetics and brow lift surgery procedures. Contact our office to set up an appointment for your forehead-lift consultation and learn more about the procedure in greater detail.