I’ve always been insecure about the size of my forehead for as long as I could remember, and I didn’t really know there was a surgery out there that could fix it; nose jobs and boob jobs are pretty common but how often do you hear of people getting hairline lowering procedures? After doing research for a couple of years and because I live near TX, I decided to make a consult with Dr. Richardson. He is friendly and qualified, the facility is nice, and the online pictures helped me make a final decision to go though with the procedure, which I got done in May 2020. For a month after you look a little strange with the cut healing and oily hair from the ointment, but I was really lucky in that I WFH from covid while recovering. The only side effect I had was an itchy scalp while my nerves were growing back. Now (10 mo. later) my scars have healed and are virtually invisible, and most importantly I don’t feel insecure and I’m very happy with my forehead. Would recommend 10/10.