When I had first came into his office for a consult I had already had poor experiences with other physicians, discussing with me about what “THEY” could do to fix me. However, upon meeting Dr. Richardson I knew that I wanted him to perform my rhinoplasty (so much so that I had my surgery with in within the next two weeks or so). He approached the situation in a way that was very comforting, asking me what “I” thought was wrong with my nose and how “I” envisioned it looking like. I explained what I disliked and even showed him a picture of what I wanted the outcome to be. Rather than forming his own idea of what my nose should look like he agreed to actually use my own photo as a reference for when he performed the surgery! As someone who had a very ethnic (arab) nose, I struggled with the courage to actually go through with surgeries because I feared that the doctor would put a nose that I didnt envision having on my face. Which I feared would have compromise my visually ethnic identity. However, thanks to Dr. Richardson’s approach I was able to have the best of both worlds! A natural looking nose that also suited my ethnic features!. Never be afraid to voice your concerns with him. He is always receptive to input and will be upfront about what he believes is attainable and what is not. At the half year mark, I had concerns with my nose as some of the swelling went down and my nose looked like it was slanted (honestly it was only a 1mm off but enough for me to notice). I consulted him about it and he was honest with me stating that it was. He gave me a few tips on how to help massage it and I just had my most recent appointment with him. My nose is looking straight and the swelling has significantly calmed down. It is looking more and more like my dream photo everyday and I cant wait for all the swelling to go down! Thank you, Dr. Richardson and your lovely staff for making this experience such an amazing one!