I had a follicle hair transplant for thinning and receding hairline and eyebrow transplant. I will not be able to determine the full outcome until about 1 year post, and eyebrows require months of training in order to lay flat because donor site is from hair from the back of head which has some waive. I can tell that as a result of the procedure I will have more desired density to my hairline, & can’t wait to have actual eyebrows! Due to over-grooming my eyebrows in the past, I was left with pencil thin, barely-there brows. Microblading helped frame my face, but I wanted to fix all the empty space covered with tattoo. In 2 days I will be 4 weeks post op, and plan to start using brow gel for taming and training hairs to act & look more like brow hairs at that time. I know the result will be a more balanced, symmetrical and more youthful appearance! Dr. Matthew Richardson & everyone as Texas Facial Aesthetics were great! The surgery was so easy, and the recovery process is practically pain free. Thank goodness the scabbing and “crusting” phase only lasted a few days/less than a week, making it pretty easier to return to work without anyone noticing the healing process. I’m very happy with Dr. Matthew Richardson’s job well done, and that I had the procedures done. Texas Facial Aesthetics is a professional, highly ethical, and high quality practice! I will add pics with my progress, in case helpful for anyone.